Daryl Lindsey
December 30, 2016 1:34 pm

It is that time of year again: New Year’s resolution time. As we head into 2017, you may be considering restarting a few of the goals you let go by the wayside as the year went on.

If you’re worried 2017 will be much the same, consider enlisting a friend to join you as you embark on a resolution journey. You can check in with each other at regular intervals to keep each other accountable — but more than that, you can have fun doing something together.

Here are some great resolutions to try out with your BFF:

Read more books

With our phones at the ready and social media abounding, it’s shocking how little we actually read anymore. Pick out a book a month with your friend, then chat regularly about it as you both read. Fun AND literary!

Get fit

Working out always seems to make it onto resolution lists, so why not do it with a friend? You’ll have someone to meet at the gym, watch your form while you lift weights, and complain about being sore with.


Want to see more of the world in 2017? Grab your BFF and start planning. Check out flight deals (or affordable getaways in your area) and make a goal to save up, then go in on the costs together.

Learn to cook

If you ever wanted to learn how to cook (like REALLY cook, not just heat up food) then make a goal to spend more time in the kitchen with your bestie. Sign up for a cooking class together, or split the cost of a fun cookbook and get together for a weekly night in!


Do you find yourself staring at your smartphone screen WAY too much? You’re not alone. If unplugging is your goal, set up regular times with your friend for phone-free time. Go on a hike, hit the beach, or even just hang out and talk to each other without technology to distract you.

Start a new hobby

Make 2017 the year you learn something new! Whether it’s knitting, playing a musical instrument, or learning a language, tackling any new skill is always easier with a friend.

With the right BFF and a little determination, 2017 could be the year you tackle your goals like a champ!