Mmmmmm, bagels. Those flat, circular, doughy balls of deliciousness with a hole in the middle are getting a makeover for Starbucks. Why mess with the delightful, warm, smooshy perfection of the bagel as we know it, you ask? To better stuff them with cream cheese, my dear!

BuzzFeed reports that 5,015 Starbucks locations — mostly in New York City, Philadelphia & Indianapolis — have rolled out sales of bagel balls, a nice, ball-shaped bagel that is already stuffed with cream cheese. Yummy! The bagel balls are made by Bantam Bakery of New York City and come in three styles: plain stuffed with regular cream cheese, “everything” filled with veggie cream cheese, and a French toast variety with maple cream cheese.

They’re about the size of the palm of your hand, are priced at $1.75 and have about 100 calories each.

We hope they’re planning to expand the offering even further soon, because we’ll never make it through the winter without delicious little French toast bagel nuggets and maple cream cheese!

Starbucks and us aren’t the only ones who like the sound of bagel balls: Bantam Bakery have sold over 2 million of them in 2015. Imagine what the number will be if Starbucks expands them to even more stores!

(Image via Flickr)