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If a genie were to suddenly appear and grant us any one wish in the whole wide world, we’d probably wish for one simple thing: to visit Shanghai Disneyland IMMEDIATELY.

The newest Disney Park is set to open in the middle of June, and right now it’s in a “soft opening” phase. While the park isn’t technically open to the public, guests are being let in to check everything out, see the sights, meet some characters and of course, ride some rides. Like all the other Disney Parks around the world, a lot of classic attractions have made their way into this new land of fantasy, but a lot of them have new, cool twists. Some also are just completely redonkulous, like the brand new Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

The Pirates ride — officially called, “Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure” — looks like your typical Pirates ride. You’re in a boat, you’ve got the classic Pirates background music, and Jack Sparrow isn’t far behind. Just when you’re getting comfortable and cozy during this charming attraction, that’s when everything does a complete 180°.

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Usually, it’s no fun to have a ride spoiled before you get to see it yourself. But what’s going on here with “Battle for the Sunken Treasure” is so amazing, and completely unlike anything we’ve ever seen before at a Disney Parks, your jaw will drop again and again, and you’re just scrolling through this on your mobile phone. Now imagine seeing this IN PERSON.

The ride is still very much a boat ride, but now it’s got giant digital projections, ridiculously life-like animatronics, and oh yeah, you’re probably going to get wet. Whoever is filming this video sums everything up perfectly: “OMG.” As /Film, who first pointed us to this amazing video, concludes, “Holy shit.”

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Credit: YouTube

These are still only videos and .gifs of what’s ACTUALLY going on in the ride. This small sampling barely even scratches the surface of what it’ll be like seeing this IRL. And TBH, I gasped not once, but twice, just watching this video. So, yeah, Disney, you’ve very much done it again.

If you suddenly find yourself in a mood to travel, like, to say Shanghai, you can purchase tickets for the park right here. We’ve got a flight to Shanghai to catch.