It’s January 11: Is your life in order yet?

If your answer is, like ours, “nah” and you haven’t even tried with 2016 resolutions and feel overwhelmed by the messiness that is your existence (and are perhaps reading this while nibbling a leftover candy cane dipped in ice cream), then we have the book for you!

Fay Wolf, a longtime friend of HelloGiggles (FOHG) has written a smart, accessible, sensitive and charming book about clutter—but unlike other books of its kind, it’s not just about the stuff you leave lying around, but ALL the clutter of our lives, from overthinking and mental clutter to the chaos that is our digital day-to-day (we ask you: how many unread emails do you have right about now?).

New Order: A Decluttering Handbook For Creative Folks (And Everyone Else) is about making adulthood easier on yourself, so that you can “do what you really wanna do and make what you really wanna make.” Sounds perfect, right? It includes kind and practical advice about everything from to-do lists and how to clean out your email wasteland to useful information on places to donate or recycle just about anything you own.

Here is Fay in her book trailer. Check out her loveliness right now and the book starting tomorrow.