Julia Topaz
June 03, 2019 4:10 am
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The new moon is always a time of new beginnings, a time during which we start fresh, leave old energy behind, and step into a new phase. On June 3rd, Gemini season will get a big burst of that new energy with a new moon in Gemini.

This new moon is one that says “trick or treat,” and as much as we’ll all have the opportunity to build brand new mindsets and perspectives, you might find later on that what you thought was, isn’t—and what you thought wasn’t, is. So be mindful of offers that seem to good to be true, including new situations and people, and be mindful, overall, of illusions. Don’t say yes to the treat—only to end up getting tricked.

Let’s take a look at how this new moon will affect each zodiac sign. And don’t forget to check your rising sign as well.


You can expect new contracts, purchases, and, overall, a renewed mindset. It’s a good time to reset your communication and thought patterns—you might find yourself reading more, driving more, and communicating more.


Manifesting abundance, as always, Taurus. The material plane is highlighted for you during this new moon, and now is a good time to manifest more money and security for yourself, but also, more self-worth. You might also spend the next two weeks under the sheets, or thinking about it. Enjoy!


So much energy, it’s frantic! This new moon is bringing a complete reset of your goals, and you might find yourself more focused on your looks than usual. Now is a good time to get creative with your style—but it’s also a good time for some serious self-inquiry and self-discovery. Who are you?


This new moon is highlighting spirituality and health for you, Cancer. You might find yourself more concerned about your health, mental or physical, and spending more time alone, reflecting and meditating. Now is a good time to retrieve your balance if you lost it, and to explore spiritual and artistic realms—alone, if possible.


For you, Leo, this new moon is all about love affairs and friendships. You might find yourself meeting new people and making new connections, but be mindful of protecting your privacy and not trusting new people blindly.


Your mind is on business, Virgo. This new moon puts the accent on work, but also family. Now could be a time to focus on some family affairs that need your attention, and, possibly, business related to family. Focus on keeping your ethics high and your principles intact.


It’s time to go on a journey, Libra. Whether you’re physically going somewhere or not, you’re in for an experience of the mind. The focus is on elevating your spirits, your knowledge, and your perspective. It’s a good time for studies, spiritual work, and retrieving your balance if you find yourself feeling like your mental health needs your attention.


This new moon is all about transformations through relationships—nothing you’re not used to, Scorpio. You might find yourself particularly focused on matters like intimacy, commitment, trust, and forgiveness. If a crisis occurs, trust that it is in your best interests to go through it and gain experience and lessons from it.


You’re in for a mini intellectual revolution, Sagittarius. You’re about to gain great intellectual momentum when it comes to your relationships. This new moon is going to help you gain self-awareness and knowledge by offering a breakthrough when it comes to your relationships. Be careful not to hide from the lesson by finding mental escapes.


This new moon is focused on ego work for you, Capricorn. What do you truly love? What do you truly want to be known for? What do you feel passionate about? Look beyond what feels safe to what you really love.


There is a focus on your inner life, Aquarius. You might find yourself more compelled to look within, to reflect on your childhood, roots, and family, and make sense of what’s going on inside you. You might find yourself feeling less outgoing than usual—enjoy this retreat.


This is a rather spiritual and emotional time for you, Pisces. This new moon is asking you to examine your inner life and how your emotions and drives are connected to your beliefs. You’re going to be pushed to discover the beliefs ruling your behaviors, which can be quite life-changing. Enjoy the ride.

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