Credit: Kazoo/Kickstarter

Who doesn’t remember stemming the fear of an upcoming booster shot by flipping through the pages of Highlights or National Geographic Kids? Besides those two doctors office staples, however, options for monthly reading for kids are pretty minimal, but a Kickstarter campaign for a new magazine aims to change that.

Kazoo magazine is the brainchild of Erin Bried, former editor at SELF. Aimed specifically at girls age 5-10, it plans to help young girls explore their interests and develop skills that will build confidence in a world often interested in tearing it down. The planned first issue includes several articles and activities designed by high-profile women, like a new short story by Caldecott medal winner Doreen Cronan, a cat-drawing tutorial by McArthur Genius winner Alison Bechdel (yes, THAT Alison Bechdel,) and a recipe for popsicles by James Beard-nominated chef Fany Gerson.

Not surprising with that kind of talent behind it, influential women are already jumping on board as supporters, both through the Kickstarter campaign and via social media.

The idea that a magazine can be completely written by top professional women shouldn’t be revolutionary, but it still kind of is, and it sub-textually gives girls a great message that there are no fields off-limits to them. As the Kickstarter video points out, there are still so many fields where women are underrepresented, and that by middle school, girls are already being well trained in poor self-esteem (according to the video, 30% of girls age 11 have been on a diet, and 60% of middle school girls give up doing things they enjoy if they are ashamed of their looks).

Young girls can use all the preparation we can give them in order to combat the daily bombardment of sexism that adult women handle, and Kazoo looks like a great way to start!