Briana Hansen
Updated Apr 10, 2016 @ 10:45 am
Credit: Village Roadshow/Columbia Pictures

Who you gonna collect? (The new) GHOSTBUSTERS!

The hilarious quartet of women from the upcoming Ghostbusters movie are going to be taking over more than just the after-life. They’ll be taking over our real-life shelves and desks thanks to the good people at Funko. Soon we’ll be able to put any (or all) of our favorite characters on display to ward off those pesky, aggressive ghosts who might be lingering around.


It’s super exciting that the women themselves are getting these awesome, stylized characters. But it’s especially cool that many of them will include some of their favorite iconic ghost-fighting tools.


And, while it’ll of course be delightful to collect the each of the Ghostbusters themselves, Funko didn’t just stop the fun there. They included the hunky secretary Kevin (aka Chris Hemsworth) whose expression is much more wide-eyed and nervous than his more certain female counterparts.


And the collection wouldn’t be complete if there weren’t, of course, some ghosts you can snag for yourself, like this terrifying-looking Gertrude Eldridge.


While we don’t yet know all the details of the upcoming movie (obviously because it doesn’t come out until July 15), we do know that Funko has promised these collectibles will start to be available in June. Which means we can buy all of them and bring them with us when you see the actual movie. And, if you’re feeling up to it, you can take each one out and play along with the movie while you watch.

Or, if you just want to watch the first time, you can wait until the second or third time you see the movie to play along from your seat in the theater. Because, lets be honest, this movie is definitely one we’ll be seeing multiple times in a row opening weekend.