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It’s typical to see people doing a variety of floor exercises when working out at the gym, but crawling like a baby is not usually one of them. Except that apparently now, it is. Uproxx let us know that crawling is the new fitness trend that boasts a slew of benefits we never knew about.

Guys, remember when the new workout trend was napping, or when this mermaid fitness class was our dream workout? Well, we’re bringing it back to basics. Literally.

If you’re thinking that crawling is way too baby-like, know that chiropractor Justin Klein, who refers to crawling as the “new plank,” is an advocate of the “Original Strength” method which does actually mimic the movement of kids.

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He claims that crawling is equivalent to pressing the “reset” button for adults; a way for them the regain strength and mobility they lost in all the years of, well, not crawling. Hmmm…this doesn’t not make sense.

And people are really getting into it.

Of course, there’s an art to crawling, i.e. it’s not as easy as it looks (sorry).

As one of the founders of the Original Strength method, Tim Anderson emphasizes the importance of using opposite arms and legs, and keeping ones head up the whole way. Yeah, this is not lazy baby crawling.

There’s technique involved. It’s a full-on workout!

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And we’ve got to say, it looks like super fun in a group.

Cosmo also knows that people are crawling around their gyms for exercise, and they suggest just three minutes a day “at a slow and controlled pace.” Doesn’t seem like too much to ask.

Alright, we’ll try it. What’s the worst that could happen? We just end up looking ridiculous? NBD, guys.