Um, you’re going to want to know about this new Facebook bug

If you use Facebook’s mobile site, you may have noticed some weird new numbers popping up under posts. Next to the numbers of likes and shares, you might have seen another number, indicating how many people have seen the post. Well, the reason is a bug that Facebook is currently working to get under control.

The bug displays the views on shared or posted links, as well as some other content, but only on the mobile site. So if you’re on the app or accessing the site via desktop, you won’t see them. Generally those kinds of metrics are only available for businesses or organizations with their own Facebook accounts, not individuals and definitely not the public.

Although the bug doesn’t pose any real threat, it is a jarring peek into how popular (or unpopular) your posts are. It adds a behind-the-curtain element to posts that’s kind of uncomfortable or awesome—depending on how much information you want to know. After all, you post things with a basic assumption that people are looking at them, and this bug could validate that or refute it.

Hey, if you’re looking to up your social media game, now’s your moment to take that feedback and run with it.

But hurry. Facebook is already tackling it, and the fix could be in effect any moment. Soon we’ll be back to pretending everyone reads every single status and pours over every single picture, and the Facebook Bug of 2015 will be just a memory!

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