Credit: boystorydolls/Instagram

Dolls may not be the first things you think of when it comes to toys that combat gender roles, but this new line of dolls for boys are doing just that.

As reported by Teen Vogue, the brand, Boy Story, aims to deconstruct how we view gender norms by making dolls of boys — and while they may be catered to boys, the two sisters behind the brand want consumers to know the toys are meant for any child who wants to play with them.

The Boy Story dolls have been compared to the American Girl line of dolls, which are targeted at young girls — so these toys are providing a much-needed balance.

There’s a lot of good that companies like Boy Story are doing — not just challenging gender roles or giving young boys a new kind of toy to play with. These toys are helping redefine how we examine masculinity and gender, and changing how young children interpret the world around them. And they are coming to a playground near you — and that’s an incredible thing.