Briana Hansen
May 22, 2016 10:48 am

Sometimes you can get cravings to watch TV shows the same way you get cravings for specific foods… you’ve got to have it and you’ve got to have it ASAP. And while Netflix offers an incredibly diverse array of movies and TV shows, it does have to deal with and work around a ton of complicated licensing issues. Which is why (in case you haven’t noticed) some content in the Netflix library can’t be viewed in certain countries.

But a new app, Smartfix, is hoping to change that. It helps Netflix users break down those licensing barriers and allows them to watch anything that’s available on Netflix from anywhere. Yahoo Tech did a great in depth article describing exactly how the app works and using the interface, but here are the basics: If you sign up for a monthly subscription (and there’s an option of paying a discounted full year subscription all at once), you can have access to absolutely any content that’s available anywhere on Netflix. You just sign into your Neflix account, the app works its magic, and you watch content like you normally would.

It’s that easy.

Walt Disney Pictures & Pixar Animation Studios/Giphy

It’s worth noting that there could be some legal gray areas that this app treads into. Mostly because there’s a reason that you can’t view certain content in certain places… Netflix may or may not own the rights to that content in that location. So think carefully before you try this hack and keep in mind that it only opens you up to content Netflix has available somewhere in the world. If it’s not available somewhere on Netflix, it still won’t be available with Smartfix.