Picture of Lane and Mrs. Kim
Credit: Warner Bros

Season 7 of Gilmore Girls will forever be a hot button issue with fans. Amy Sherman-Palladino famously did not return for the show’s final season, and many viewers think the writing suffered as a result. But whether you loved or hated Season 7, you have to admit that the show did a nice job of wrapping up everyone’s stories. But there is one character we still know basically nothing about: Mr. Kim.

Lane’s dad is still a big fat mystery to us. Early in the show, she refers to “my parents” from time to time, but that’s about it. Now that GG is coming to Netflix for all-new episodes, we can’t help but wonder if he’ll finally be mentioned.

Keiko Agena, the actress who plays Lane, has formed her own theory about her dad’s presence (or lack thereof). And it’s a pretty good one. She spoke with Gilmore News about where she thinks the elusive Mr. Kim has been for all these years.

“In my mind, and I’ve never discussed this with anybody, even Emily or Amy, Mr. Kim was always there,” the actress said. “Even though we never talked about Mr. Kim, and it was never explained to me logistically where he was, but for some reason,I felt that they were married and that he was just somewhere.”

So Keiko definitely thinks that Mr. Kim is in Lane’s life. But if we haven’t seen him, then where is he? It’s definitely strange that in seven years, we never once met him.

“Traveling,” she reasoned. “He was away from home. I don’t know the specifics, but I felt like religion played a part in it somehow.”

Keiko also said that it never occurred to her to ask for details about the Mr. Kim character. That’s how confident she is that he still played a role in Lane’s life, even if we didn’t see it play out on screen.

“I know it doesn’t make any sense; he didn’t come to the wedding, and so on, there’s no logical reason for me to feel this way,” she said. “In my gut, for some reason, my mother is a married woman.”

Maybe this is one of the plot lines that will unfold in the Netflix reboot. We hope so!