Credit: CBS

Let’s be real, exercise isn’t always fun. Or easy. Even with the wide variety of options out there it can be tricky to find the time and motivation to work out. Netflix is funner. No question.

But according to the founders of L.A.’s Shape House, you can flush toxins, burn calories, and get one heck of a cardio workout by one very simple route…one most of us are already pretty darn good at. All you’ve got to do is put on some cozy clothes, snuggle up under a blanket, and catch up on your favorite Netflix series!

Sign us up!!! But how is it possible?!

Shape House’s approach differs from your normal TV binge on the living room sofa in one key respect – super high temperatures. On arriving at the “urban sweat lodge,” you’re taken to a private room and swaddled into an FAR-infrared heated sleeping bag, which warms to a blazing hot 160 degrees. (We’re getting toasty just thinking about it.) You then spend 55 minutes sweating like you’ve never sweated before, all while enjoying the latest Netflix bingefest.

While there’s some debate about the method’s health benefits, Shape House’s founders say that each sweating session flushes out icky toxins and boosts endorphins that lift your mood and make it easier to get a good night’s rest. But the biggest benefit is the calorie burn: a single session can reportedly incinerate up to 1,000 calories, with your heart working as hard as it would for a 10-mile run.

And in case the experience sounds juuuuust a little too intense or claustrophobic, fear not. Shape House also assigns each guest a personal attendant, who helps make the experience as spa-like and relaxing as possible. We’re talking lavender-scented towels and cooling refreshments like tea, Alkaline water, and orange slices.

Like many wonderful things, the urban sweat lodge appears to be an LA-only phenomenon for now, and you probably shouldn’t try this at home, or without a doctors approval, all that important stuff (Sigh.) But if you find yourself in SoCal and want to enjoy a bit of relaxation, check it out!