Channing Sargent
February 13, 2017 6:46 am

Once, a tiny little dog named Weezy would tremble at everything. In fact, the little Italian greyhound, who lived at an animal shelter in Alberta, was so quaky that mere squeaky toys and even flies would send her into fearful fits. The first people who adopted Weezy from the shelter returned her the very next day because she looked too scared.

But then, a woman named Sarah Mavro heard about the scared pup, and immediately felt a kinship. She jumped into the car and drove two hours to get her.

Mavro found that Weezy’s teeth were in such bad condition, all but two had to be removed.

Now, Weezy’s tongue dangles out of her mouth. Yes, we are also dead from the cuteness. Please join us in the cute-death afterlife.

Weezy didn’t bark for the first time until three years after Mavro’s family adopted her.

But then, Mavro and her husband had a baby named Evan, and Weezy took to him just like any big sister would.

“He is 7 months old now and she loves him even more than she loves us I think,” Mavro says.

“She will climb right up beside him and let him get all over her.”

Despite, Weezy’s miraculous adjustment to family life, she is still very shy.

“She is still timid, especially with strangers, and very quiet,” Mavro told The Dodo. “Literally, a dying fly once kicked her out of her own cage.”

But, she knows she’s safe, and loved.

“She loves to cuddle under the blanket with us, and has a nightly ritual of watching my husband play video games in the basement by the fireplace,” she adds.

“She is … odd,” Mavro says. “We adore her, and she fits in with our odd family.”