Undeniable truth: Online shopping is one of the internet’s greatest gifts to humankind. For when one online shops, she is not judged for doing so while simultaneously eating mac n’ cheese while watching Frasier in a Snuggie.

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Another great benefit: DEALS DEALS DEALS!

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Why pay more for shoes IRL when you know you can find them for, like, $3.29 cheaper online, right? So one thing we have never, EVER, for the life of us understood is this: HIGH TO LOW PRICE SORTING.


What. The. Hell. Honestly. Why does this exist? Why do you want to pay MORE for stuff? Thankfully, we are not the only ones who think this makes no sense: false false false false

So, this will probably remain one of life’s mysteries to us, but we felt the need to put this out into the universe because we must stand united: In low to high we trust!

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