Jennifer Romolini
Updated Jul 29, 2014 @ 6:57 am

Though much of the time the fashion establishment speaks to us in commanding, sergeant-y tones that say It’s Time To Wear This Trend Even If This Trend Does Not Suit Your Body/Face/Mind/Soul, sometimes a tiny signal goes out in the fashion cosmos that you know was meant just for you to hear. These style cues are so specific and obsession-making that, even if you miss them at first, they remain relevant to you until you serendipitously discover them, like an intimate message in a bottle that freakishly washes up at your feet or when you figured out nude-colored underwear doesn’t show under white things.

This phenomenon is real and I will tell you how I know: today I discovered CAT-EAR RINGS and, even though people were talking about them as early as May 2013, and even though they were obviously cool enough that Marc Jacobs made one that totally sold out, I know that, like the letters in that Sandra Bullock time-travel-letters-lake movie, CAT-EAR RINGS were sent to me by the universe to see one day in July 2014 on Instagram, to think “My, look at that ring, it is sweet and it is fun and it is subtle and it is also cool and it is kind of like having a ring secret because when you look at it in certain ways you can’t even tell they are ears, but then, surprise! Cute cat ears!”

If you, like me, hear the cat-ear-ring whistle, you can buy the one above at Pygmy Hippo Shoppe for $24.

There’s also this fancier version by Rogue and Wolf for $50

And this, from Asos, is just 5 bucks.