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We already know that remaining close to nature has major benefits for our souls, so when we came across these TOTALLY beautiful nature tattoos, we were like, OMG, yes. We compiled some of our absolute faves to help remind you bow down to ~mother earth~ on the reg instead of just on the (rare) mornings that you make it outside to join your #squad for yoga.

Here are some of our fave nature tattoos:

1. This gorgeous plant

Ugh, yes.

2. This beautiful leaves

Who knew leaves could be so artsy?

3. This olive branch

For inner and outer peace.

4. These sweet deer

SO cute.

5. This lovely pine cone

Love, love, love.

6. This sapling

Actually so adorable.

7. This neat fern

Simple and unique.

8. This adorable badger

We never thought we’d love a badger tattoo, but we love this!

9. These tiny branches

Oh heck yeah.

10. This beautiful lemon

An ode to mother nature, and Queen Bey.

11. This killer bamboo

MAJOR heart eyes.

12. This major inspo

Such good vibes.