Remember how frustrating it was when our parents set the rules and we had absolutely no say in them, no matter how unfair they were? They decided who we were allowed to go out with, what our curfew would be, what was considered an acceptable outfit- just to name a few. And how about the storm that ensued when we tried to fight for our rights and argue their terms? We cried, threw tantrums and made a bunch of noise based around our beliefs being challenged.

Well now that we are like, grown ups and stuff – we can stay out as late as we want with whomever we choose while wearing whatever we fancy. Our new rule makers are elected officials, and they don’t care if we run upstairs, slam our bedroom door and yell out, “You’re ruining my life!!” But this time around, we have the ability to vote and the right to argue before these laws go into effect. Imagine if that had been the case then – if your voice could have made a difference, wouldn’t that have seemed much more fair? We should be relishing, celebrating and taking advantage of the fact that we have the right to have a say in the rules because for so long – that’s all we ever wanted! We didn’t get a vote then but we do now.

Sadly, not all of us are taking advantage of this opportunity. Why turn down the luxury that we’d been fighting for during all those years? Where did our passion go? When did so many of us stop fighting for our voice to be heard – ironically at a time when the stakes are so much higher? Sure we no longer have to ask permission for who can take us to prom – but there are laws being formed telling us who we can and cannot marry. There is no longer a curfew, but what if we are a different kind of late and the choice to have an abortion has been decided for us? If you stopped disputing your rights at 18, you most certainly quit pre-maturely. Perhaps the your youthful opposition was merely a warm-up for the real world?

According to sources, a major reason that millions haven’t been voting has less to do with concern and more to do with convenience. Meaning there are many Americans who stayed silent in the past because they didn’t know how to register or they missed the registration deadline. For this reason, the National Voter Registration Day was born and that day is today! This is your chance to take the first step in making a difference not only in your life but the lives of many. Volunteers, celebrities and organizations from all over the country will be coordinating widespread efforts both on the ground and through social media to reach you and your neighbors, making registration easily accessible.

Already registered and looking to get involved? Good for you! All you have to do is visit this site to get started. You are even able to register other people – how cool is that? Worth mentioning is that National Voter Registration Day isn’t backed by a campaign or political party. It is simply an opportunity for all to celebrate the rights we share as Americans.

Register for your teenage self. Register for who you are today. Most of all, register for who you know you can become.

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