Jill Layton
September 07, 2014 6:11 am

We all have grandparents. Some of us have never met them, some of us were raised by them and some of us see them on occasion. Whatever your story is, there’s no denying that our grandparents are a major part of our history. Without them, we wouldn’t exist. So, because today is National Grandparents Day, and because it’s always a good day to celebrate grandmas and grandpas, here are some things about them that make them the best:

1. They usually have candy in their pockets or purses

Probably because grandparents love candy, but also because they know the way to their grandchildren’s happiness. I can’t remember a time when my bubby (Jewish for grandma) didn’t have candy or gum (or both) in her purse. It was probably just as much for her as it was for me.

2. They renew our faith in soul mates

Grandparents have epic love stories. Often times, grandparents have known each other since they were kids. Love letters got them through wars and long periods of separation. They were patient, loving, and dedicated. They didn’t give up on love or marriage.

3. They love to travel

And if we play our cards right, they take us with them.

4. They save us from our parents

Who better to turn to when our parents are being unreasonable than our grandparents? They probably did way more saving of our parents from us than saving us from our parents, but it didn’t feel that way. Our grandparents never let us know that, because they’re the best.

5. They’re not afraid to be silly

They’ve lived long enough to know that what others think of them doesn’t matter. They do what they want. And sometimes, they just want to be silly with their grandchildren.

6. They let us get away with everything 

As long as we weren’t hurting anyone or ourselves, we were golden. Grandparents let us get away with things because they can. They were the bosses of our boss.

7. They drop everything for their grandchildren

If we needed a ride somewhere, someone to talk to or someone to bring us something to eat, they’d drop everything to help.

8. They tell first-hand accounts of stories in our history books

They tell the best stories of real-life events that happened a long time ago, because they lived through it. They know so much more than we even realize, and they deserve respect. If you have a grandparent you’re close with, make sure to ask them lots of questions about their past. You will learn so much more than you would from a history book.

9. They know all the answers to everything

They’ve had a lot of time to acquire a lot of knowledge.

10. They love us unconditionally

And what’s better than that?