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Not only does today mark another day on our countdown-to-Halloween calendar (two to go, ahhh!) – it’s National Cat Day! Which is a holiday worthy of its own observance, if we’re being honest. Whether you’re sporting cat attire/jewelry, watching videos of the Amazing Acro-Cats, planning to adopt a new kitty of your own, or simply spending time scrolling through Taylor Swift’s Instagram account to fawn over pictures of Meredith and Olivia, we hope you’re celebrating National Cat Day right along with us.

And what better day to bring attention to some cats who rose from rough beginnings to secure jobs in the corporate world? In the book Cats on the Job: 50 Fabulous Felines Who Purr, Mouse, and Even Sing for Their Supper, author Lisa Rogak uses a series of photos and blurbs to explore the lives of 50 former shelter kitties who now keep the offices of their owners company during the workday.

Some of the stars gracing the pages of Cats on the Job include Nurse Cat Popeye, who helped comfort both dog and cat patients at the Indianapolis Humane Society.

Here’s Office Cat London, napping a little after working hard helping people file paperwork and run payroll and staple things and being right on top of that, Rose.

Fast Food Employee Cat Detch, who makes sure everyone’s pizzas are delivered on time while wearing a stylish hat.

And my personal favorite: Bookstore Cat Boswell, who helps customers find their favorite stories.

About the book, Rogak says she took the idea from her former book about dogs with jobs, Dogs of Courage, and combined it with a photo-heavy book about inter-species animal families called One Big Happy Family to come up with the concept for Cats on the Job – and hints she might not be done.

“It seems that there’s always a story or two about a gainfully employed cat coming out at least once a week…and people tell me about working cats they know, or own,” Rogak tells HelloGiggles. “I think I could easily put together a second volume at this point.”

She also states the most touching cat-on-the-job story she came across was that of Hospice Cat Tom, who works at a Virginia-based VA hospital.

“He accompanies nurses and workers on their rounds, visits with patients and their families, and makes everyone feel just a little bit better about being there, which is a pretty tough job,” Rogak says. “Essentially, Tom walked in the first day and hit the ground running; he knew exactly what to do.”

Rogak notes that the addition of a feline friend in the office can reduce overall stress and make for a more focused and, in turn, productive working environment. We believe it. Excuse us while we all thumb through our companies’ HR manuals for the policies on pets and beg our bosses to make any necessary changes. Hey, maybe it’d save on the coffee bill at the very least.

Be sure to check out @CatOnTheJob on Twitter for lots more adorable kitties at work!

(Images courtesy of Lisa Rogak/Cats on the Job/ Shutterstock)