It’s National Black Cat Appreciation Day, Gigglers! From Salem on Sabrina the Teenage Witch to Luna on Sailor Moon to Sanrio’s Chococat, today we’re celebrating some of the coolest cats around — and we couldn’t be more excited.

Black cats get a bad rap: Often considered a symbol of bad luck, they are reportedly the least-adopted and most euthanized feline in the United States. But these cats deserve just as much loving as their differently-colored counterparts (counterpurrts?) — and it’s time we give them a little more credit. Let’s be real: If black cats are cool enough to hang with the baddest witches around, then they’re cool enough to hang with us.

Here are just a few adorable felines to get your appreciation going on this glorious, underrated holiday.

This kitten is pocket-sized, just for your cuteness convenience

“Let’s play peek-a-boo!”

This cat doesn’t care about the stereotypes: Halloween is still the best

This cat just realized you were the one moving the mouse the whole time, and it needs time to process

“It wasn’t me, Mom!”

A certain feline doesn’t approve that you got back with your ex

“Can YOU touch your nose with your tongue?”

This kitty just saw the biggest fish of its life

(Images via iStock/Shutterstock.)