sunglasses cat

Meet Nala the cat, everybody! Nala is 5 years old. Nala is a rescue cat, and she’s thought to be a Siamese/tabby mix. Oh, wait . . . she looks a bit familiar. Perhaps you’re already acquainted? That wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility because Nala has the distinction of being the most famous cat on Instagram. NBD, right? I mean, who doesn’t have 2.3 million followers these days?

Other cats. That’s who.

As we all know, there are loads of cats on IG. Not that we’re complaining! Cats basically invented the Internet, so of course they dominate on social media, and IG is no exception. (#catsofinstagram anyone?) But with her staggering number of followers, Nala reigns supreme. (Even Grumpy Cat only has 914K. Just saying.)

Why is Nala so popular? We’re not sure, but we’re thinking photos like these may have something to do with it:

Have you ever seen such big blue eyes? She’s just all kinds of adorable.

A quick perusal through her Instagram also reveals that she’s quirky and very particular. That’s right, Nala knows what she likes. And what she likes best are (wait for it . . .) sharks. Yeah, you heard me. Waaay before Katy Perry even thought about adding sharks to her halftime show, Nala was already into shark hats.

And shark costumes (snort!).

And even shark beds. (Because sleeping in Jaws’ mouth wouldn’t give anyone nightmares or anything.)

You just know Nala lives for Shark Week.

But fame hasn’t gone to her head, because she also loves the simple pleasure of playing with a plain cardboard box. (Seriously, from the looks of her pics, this is one of her favorite activities.)

Nala also likes cosplay.

And Puss n Boots.

And taking selfies. Because of course she does. She’s an IG star, after all.

Nala’s pet-parent, Varisiri Mathachittiphan, never imagined her cat would one day be an Internet sensation. She started the IG account as a way for friends and family to keep up with Nala after adopting her as a kitten at an animal shelter in November 2010. Varisiri didn’t even have plans to adopt a pet that day, but when she picked up Nala and held her for the first time, Nala licked her cheek. That one little kitten kiss sealed the deal.

According to Nala’s website, it took some time for her to adjust to life outside of the animal shelter, but now she’s doing just grand (obviously). She now also uses her (enormous) fame to advocate for animal adoption.

Way to go, Nala! We love our celebrities to be socially conscious. Even when they’re cats.

[Images via @nala_cat on Instagram]