Picture of Jennifer Lawrence Mystique
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X-Men: Apocalypse has only been in theaters a week, but the comic universe is already thinking about what’s next for the franchise. The movie’s director Bryan Singer is thinking about a followup film that focuses on one character in particular: Mystique.

Singer was recently on The Empire Film Podcast, and said he thinks the shape-shifting character — who has been played by Jennifer Lawrence in the last three X-Men movies — has definite potential to lead a standalone film.

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“I think [Mystique’s] right for [a standalone movie], whether it’s Jennifer or not,” he said. “Xavier can get into Cerebro and look at the world but he’d rather just teach classes and see the beauty of mutants and humans co-existing in his mansion in Westchester. Along comes Raven with a reality check on the state of the world. It opens up a lot of avenues.”

Even if a Mystique movie moves forward, there’s no telling if J-Law will star in it — or any future X-Men movies at all. She was contracted to appear in three movies, the third being Apocalypse. The same goes for James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Nicholas Hoult. All of their contracts are still up in the air, and it’s unsure if they will return.

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“I would love to come back. I love the fans and I love the character,” the actress recently told Entertainment Weekly. “But then you realize how important your year is, like how important three months out of your year is. I don’t know. I shouldn’t be that honest.”

Yes you should, Jennifer! We don’t know if a Mystique movie will happen or who will star in it, but we have a feeling we’ll be hearing the news from J-Law herself first.