My Dearest NYC,

Can you believe our one-month anniversary has finally arrived? It seems like just yesterday you were a distant dream in the back of my high-school-nobody mind, infiltrating my every thought. Now, we’ve officially been together for one month, and I have to tell you, it has been the greatest month of my life. Everyday has been the adventure I’d been looking for, and you never fail to surprise me.

People fall in love with you because you seem to be the embodiment of dreams coming true. I had my doubts about whether all the rumors were real, whether you actually had this magical power that made people’s destinies a reality, but you proved them all to be right. Within two weeks of our relationship, you introduced me to the person who led me to the career I want, Anderson Cooper. You knew after a week of “college welcome week” activities and the start of classes that I was exhausted and questioning why I’m here and what I want to do with my life, that I needed some guidance to make me believe in myself again. And you brought me right to Mr. Anderson Cooper himself, my idol and role model. I felt invigorated and ready to face the world ahead of me, even if it was going to be a long, fierce battle. So thank you, darling.

You didn’t just reinforce all the old dreams I had, but gave me new ones too and breathed new life into me. You made me see that I can be anything and do anything and no one can stop me. After an eighteen-year relationship with Wisconsin (except that one summer that I had a fling with Finland, but we were on a break!) that left me bored and weak, you took me into your open arms and gave me all the energy I needed to turn my life into something spectacular.

As if all that wasn’t enough, you’ve shown me real beauty, too. A day with you shows me sights of beautiful buildings, beautiful lights, beautiful people. Life with you is like living in a movie that never ends, one that’s an action movie with the sirens I fall asleep to every night, a comedy with the hysterical people I meet everyday, a drama with the constant roommate disagreements and tears shed on the streets, and a mystery with the constant suspense of what I’m going to discover each day. I hope our movie never ends.

Yes, life has gotten so much more alive since we’ve met. I didn’t know that was possible, for life to be more alive, but you showed me that it most certainly is. Sometimes it may be too “alive” for me. Sometimes I may yell at you because I just want some time to sit down and relax, to not be constantly going, but even in those moments I still love you with all my heart.

Lots of change awaits us, New York. Who knows where we’ll be five years. Who knows if we’ll still be together (though I pray every night that we will be)? I hope my future is with you, but you never know. What I can say is thank you for making my present so amazing. Even if we move apart someday, I’ll always look back on my days with you as the best days of my life. And I’ll always owe you for changing my life for the better.

I love you, New York. Happy one-month.

~Your Madeleine

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