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December 31st is Mercury retrograde's day of reckoning. We, as a human nation, will come together and cast retrograde to the wayside as we welcome in a new year and a breath of fresh, positive, and cosmically untampered with air. December 31st is our time to shine, ladies and gentlemen. We will be released from our chains of interpersonal tension and raise a glass to new beginnings. You must prepare…

…to throw the BEST end of Mercury retrograde/New Year's Eve party EVER. Guys, this is a big deal! We have a lot to celebrate! 2016 sucked! 2017 is going to rule because it has to! Let's ring in the new year by shedding our Mercury retrograde-induced outer shell and party our butts off — responsibly of course. Here are the things you'll need to do the thing right:

1. You need twinkly party lights — and a lot of them!

The universe is back on our side for the first time in weeks. Pay homage to the galaxy by decking your halls out in twinkly star-like party lights! We really like the idea of picking up some LED twinkly lights just because the cool-toned light is more star-like than your average Christmas tree lights. But, using whatever you've got leftover from the holidays is obviously great as well.

Check out some unique DIY ways to decorate with string lights. You might be inspired to do something a little different for your end-of-retrograde bash:

If your twinkly lights actually "twinkle," then wow! You're doing things RIGHT.

2. Provide a “Wish Wall” and get people amped for 2017.

Provide a table with pens, paper, and washi tap so guests can write down their 2017/post-retrograde wishes and tape them up on the wall. Wishes can be super simple — "I want to finally get rid of that nasty couch in my apartment" — or more big picture — "I want to eat healthier and gain muscle!" Leaving these little notes for the world to see might inspire others to do the same, and get everyone in the mood to make ish happen in the New Year.

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Bonus points if you have a cool chalkboard wall in your house/apartment!

3. Get the best of both worlds by baking up some champagne cupcakes with galaxy frosting.

Lindsey over on Life, Love and Sugar has a super easy-to-follow recipe for her New Year's Eve champagne cupcakes, and guys these things sound amazing. "This is a very moist cupcake," Lindsey writes on the blog, "It's not super dense, but it's not super fluffy either. Kind of right down the middle." And because she only uses just about a 1/2 cup of champagne, the flavor is there without being too overbearing.

Then, to make some yummy champagne galaxy icing, take Lindsey's icing recipe and then use the galaxy food coloring technique from RebeccaCooksCakes' blog to make these tasty treats even more extra.

And you'll be able to get these done without fail because the retrograde is over on December 31st people! We're back on top!

4. Make it clear that this is a going away party with a “Bye Felicia” banner.

This "Bye Felicia" glitter banner by CarryingTheBanners on Etsy is offered in several different colors. We suggest choosing Mercury colors (maybe blue and gold?) to make it extra clear that you are sending Mercury retrograde away on a very long trip.

Credit: Etsy / CarryingTheBanners

Bye retrograde! Don't worry about coming back any time soon! We'll be fine without you!

5. Send your guests into the heavens by serving them Galaxy Cocktails.

The Tipsy Bartender puts together some pretty cringey drink tutorials. But we have to admit his drink recipes are genius. So while you're rolling your eyes alongside his female cohost (and believe us, you will be), write down the recipe and serve this beautiful beverage to your guests to send them into outer space. The cocktail consists of tequila, grenadine, blue Curacao, vodka, and lemonade. Hoo-wee! Now that's a concoction!

For all you young'uns, this drink can also be made virgin by omitting the alcohol! Easy-peasy!

6. Only play positive and happy music!

Us to Mercury retrograde/2016/the whole world:

This song isn't a great example, because it's still kind of about a sad thing — but you get the point. There cannot be a lull in this party because there is too much to celebrate! We've had enough misfortune and miscommunication in 2016, and we need to start 2017 on a super positive note. Even when the party is dying down turn on "Banana Pancakes" by Jack Johnson or "1234" be Feist! No more sad songs — at least for tonight, anyway, ok?

7. Hand out healing stones as party favors.

Do some research on what crystals will best suit your party goers, and then buy in bulk! Rose quartz are great for those lost in love. Moonstones help to keep calm and stay grounded. If you wish to supply your guests with stones that will help them through the next Mercury retrograde, grab some crystals that are geared toward aiding communication and focus. Emerald, black tourmaline, and clear quartz may be some stones you look for.

Credit: Etsy / LoveByLunaCo

This set by LoveByLunaCo on Etsy is an awesome Mercury retrograde starter kit, and may be perfect to hand out amongst a small group of friends.

Ok, you have your orders, party people. Do it up, do it right, and do it responsibly. RIP Mercury retrograde. 2017 is our year!