Caitlin Flynn
Updated Nov 21, 2016 @ 5:31 pm

It’s been less than two weeks since Donald Trump was elected president, but hate crimes against Muslims and other marginalized groups have already increased in a dramatic and terrifying way. Although this is a frightening time for all women, certain demographics are at a far greater risk — and that’s why it’s so inspiring that a 24-year-old Muslim woman is providing self-defense lessons on social media for hijabi women.

Zee Abdulla of Chicago tells The Washington Post that she was around eight years old the first time someone spit on her for being Muslim.

Abdulla took immediate action — the Sunday after the election, she held a “hate crime survival seminar” with the assistance of trainer Miso Ceko of Chicago Mixed Martial Arts.

Abdulla’s seminar focused on defense moves to escape a “hijab grab” and she provided the participants with information about how to report hate crimes.

It’s incredibly tragic that a hate crime seminar is necessary in 2016, but Abdulla’s courage and refusal to stand by while her peers are harassed is inspiring and provides a powerful reminder that millions of Americans still believe that love trumps hate and we are truly stronger together.