Nikki Grey
Updated Jan 08, 2016 @ 9:15 am

You know what it’s like: those first few days, weeks or even months after a break up, when you’re doing all you can to just put a smile on your face and not obsess over that person who broke your heart. We all handle it differently, some of us talk out our feelings with friends, others hit the town, and some hit the Ben & Jerry’s.

As we’re doing what we do to get over a break up, that seems to be exactly the time some pesky romantic song pops up on the radio, and we’re a blubbering mess again. There’s a time and place for tears in the grieving process, for sure, and music tends to help many of us not feel alone, knowing that other people have gone through what we are at the time. But as many sad songs there are about break ups, there are some gems that can help get you get out of those break-up blues too. And you know what’s super awesome about those songs? Some of them have really great music videos to go with them.

So, here they are, five music videos to watch to help get over a break up:

Beyoncé, “Irreplaceable”

Who better than the Queen herself to show us how getting over someone is done? Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable” is the gold standard for anyone who wants to feel empowered after kicking their lying, cheating boyfriend out of the house. In this situation, I’m sure anyone would be hurt but, if you’re a boss like Queen Bey, you won’t let that stop you from taking back all the stuff you bought the offender and kicking his butt to the curb —while filing your nails. And then having a jam session with friends. Hey, he must not have known about her. No worries, though, she found another one of him in a minute.


Pink, “So What”

OK, so I don’t exactly recommend sawing down a tree because you and your ex drew a heart around your names on it. Or dancing naked on the red carpet. Or any of the crazy antics Pink does in this video, really. But, hey, they’re fun to watch.

Katy Perry, “Part of Me”

Random guy flirting with some chick in his office, why would you do this to Katy Perry? WHY?! In the video, she drives away, goes to a gas station where she sees a notice that says “All women are created equal, then some become Marines,” and then goes into the bathroom and chops her hair off. Katy then binds her chest to make it look smaller. I’m still a little confused about the reasoning of this choice, but I digress.

In the video, Katy then flashbacks to shooting toy guns at a carnival with her ex, while she learns real shooting. She gets a letter from the SOB, and burns it. And she imagines being distraught over the break up in a bathtub before she does a drill practicing not getting drowned. In the end, Katy is a tough Marine, and the guy didn’t break her.

Taylor Swift, “We Are Never Getting Back Together”

Nothing shows your ex that you are never getting back together than by leaving him and having a dance party with a bunch of dudes dressed up in animal costumes, AMIRITE?

Sara Evans, “A Little Bit Stronger”

Get your tissues ready for this one. In this video, Sara Evans isn’t kicking butt and taking names like some of the other ladies on this list— she’s dealing with a break up in an exposed, gut-wrenching way that all too many of us can understand. She’s spending time sitting on her bed and looking out the window sadly. She’s sitting in her car in the rain. She’s thinking about and missing her ex, but she’s trying. And she’s getting stronger. It’s super real and though the video is sad, in the end it is also pretty hopeful.

So if you’re dealing with a break up and don’t want to listen to or watch the videos for sappy love songs or devastating break up music, I recommend you watch these videos. And if doing that doesn’t help make you feel better, there’s always Ben & Jerry’s.

(Image via Universal Studios)