Jill Layton
Updated Jun 18, 2016 @ 10:43 am
Credit: Instagram

In the ’90s, we all had one dream. Okay, we probably had like 700 dreams, but one, for most of us, was never realized — the dream to climb the Aggro Crag on Nickelodeon’s Guts. The monstrous final challenge in Nick’s daring physical competition boasted everything from glitter cannons to barrels of (fake) rocks, and recently, a few more ’90s kids got to fulfill their dream of tackling the Crag!

Mountain Dew teamed up with The Splat to create the most nostalgic moment in Nickelodeon history. To promote “DEWcision 2016,” an event was held in the middle of SoHo to bring in votes for which new Mountain Dew flavor will stay on the shelves: Baja Blast or Pitch Black.

Voters were given the chance (of a lifetime) to climb “The DEWggro Crag” — Mountain Dew’s version of the beloved Aggro Crag.

Check out the original Crag for a dose of nostalgia first: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=

Now to the Dew event: the crowd was split into two teams, and the winner of each run received 150 votes for their respective flavor. To really seal the ’90s deal, MTV’s The Challenge alumni CT, Jenna, Camila and Johnny Bananas were on hand to help out (technically, some of them are from the ’00s, but still).

There was another special guest… the original Guts host himself, Mike O’Malley!

Kids who grew up on Nickelodeon everywhere are obviously super jealous right now, and rightfully so. Check out some of the action (set to some amazing ’90s tunes):