Dasha Fayvinova
Updated Dec 17, 2016 @ 8:16 am
Credit: Lambert/Getty Images

As this year winds down and everyone feels the holiday spirit, stories like John Dorroh’s warms our hearts. Rather than spend all of Christmas Eve with her family, John’s mother snuck out without an explanation every year. As a result, John only found out what she was up to after Sue Dorroh passed away.

In addition to being a great parent to John, Sue found it in her heart to help other people in their time of need. How? Sue dressed up as Mrs. Santa Claus for a different family. That’s right! Sue Dorroh would pick up her car keys, make up an excuse to leave and disappear for a couple of hours every Christmas Eve. The same thing would happen year after year without an explanation.

Rather than this remaining a lifelong mystery, a man named Robert spoke with John after his mother’s passing. Turns out that Robert was short on money and had many kids so Sue would bring them clothes and toys on Christmas Eve. She knew Robert from the toilet seat factory where they both worked. Because of Sue’s generosity, Robert’s family always had a great holiday.

First of all, what a wonderful story. While a lot of people tend to do great things around the holidays, not many of those things are kept a secret for so long. Consequently, it makes perfect sense that Chicken Soup for the Soul publishers chose to include Sue’s story in a special edition called The Joy of Christmas. What a perfect ending!

Sue’s son is a writer now. And a published one at that! Who would have guessed that because John’s mother snuck out and didn’t tell anyone, a story like this would exist? Luckily, Robert came forward with it so that Sue’s great deed would not go unnoticed by the passing of time.