The most popular show on Netflix might surprise you

It’s safe to assume that over the course of your long-term relationship with Netflix, you’ve probably binged your fair share of shows on the site before. With a heavy rotation of brand new shows — both traditional TV series and brand-new Netflix Originals — there’s always something new to watch. There’s no way you’ve watched everything yet — and if you have, I salute you.

Though binges take time, there’s now a brand new study that shows us what we’re binging the most. Parrot Analytic believes they have found the most popular Netflix show in our queue, and the show might surprise you. You might not have even finished it yet.

If you’re thinking it’s House of Cards, you’re wrong (and don’t tell President Underwood). It’s also not Orange is the New Black. Or Kimmy Schmidt. Or even Bloodline! The most popular show on Netflix has actually only been out since August.

According to Parrot Analytic’s study, “Incumbents And Challengers: What’s The Current Status?” the based-on-true-events Narcos is the most popular title on Netflix.

Parrot Analytic,” which not only tracks streaming information, but also social media discussion and ratings platforms. It’s like a giant tally of all impressions of a show across the internet, and how much buzz it’s generating.

It should come as no surprise that Game of Thrones actually reigns supreme as the most popular show across EVERYTHING, in every market, with over 28 million demand expressions in the U.S alone. Following behind that stateside, we’ve got Narcos with well over 14 million. The #3 title, OITNB, has half of that previous demand, with 7 million.

House of Cards doesn’t even crack the top ten list. Really don’t tell Underwood that.

Keep in mind, Parrot Analytic only started keeping track of these shows in late summer, right when Narcos came out. So of course it was generating a lot of talk. The information is still incredibly telling, though, showing us that when we find a new Netflix Original that we like, we really, really like it and want to talk about it non-stop until everyone on the planet has binged it.

So big question, have you watched Narcos yet?

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