Get ready to set your eyeballs on a dog with some serious dance moves.

This dachshund isn’t messing around, you guys. His moonwalking skills are on point. Not only can he moonwalk for an insanely long distance, but he does it on a tiny little ledge. (Take that, Michael Jackson.) We legit can’t believe our eyes.

Granted, we hear a bouncing ball in the background. So the little dog has some motivation. He’s probably trying to get to the ball. So this isn’t just a casual doggy dance-off or anything. (Do those exist? Can they please?) Still. There aren’t many things that could get me to moonwalk alllll the way across a high ledge barely as wide as my body. Not even pizza. Or Ryan Gosling.

Well, maybe Ryan Gosling.

Check out the dog’s dance skills below. Warning: it may cause you to fall into Michael Jackson YouTube hole for a while. No worries. I’ll meet you there.


[Image via Shutterstock. Video via YouTube.]