Sophia Elias
January 26, 2015 3:04 pm

Remember the very best song of 1995? No, like, THE BEST. Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It” (AKA: the secretly hard karaoke song) could inspire even the laziest humans to wave their hands up in the air.

Well, Jordan recently revived his classic for a surprise concert at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Oakdale, Minnesota, and the song holds up. Big time. His special halftime-themed remix, “Halftime’s How We Do It,” totally blew the place up. His performance was all apart of Pepsi’s Hyped for Halftime campaign, which is basically aimed at getting folks pumped for Katy Perry’s halftime show (mission accomplished!).

Halftime stint aside, “This Is How We Do It” has remained a party staple for the last 20 years. Even Montell commented on the song’s longstanding impact saying,

Hmm. . . .could this be foreshadowing a Montell Jordan guest appearance at halftime? The Internet is loaded with rumors that Rihanna might be making a surprise appearance, but we also wouldn’t mind a little old-school Montell.

And I bet you want to hear the original version now, right? Us too.

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