Teri Wilson
May 11, 2016 12:57 pm

I know we’ve gotten used to some pretty intense debates lately, with the contentious presidential election going on and everything. But guys, there’s a debate going on right now that has nothing whatsoever to do with politics and it’s legit tearing the internet apart. ICYMI, social media is in a complete and total uproar right now over the monkey emojis. Yeah, these guys…

It seems a little cray, but these cuties are at the center of a hot dispute. The internet can’t make up its mind whether the monkey emojis represent three individual monkeys or one monkey displaying three different emotions. It’s a mystery. And people have some FEELINGS about it.

The insanity began when Twitter user @jonnysun posted a poll posing the serious question of whether the emojis were three different monkeys or one monkey making three faces:

Twitter promptly exploded, as it is prone to do.

People started getting philosophical:

And straight up academic:

Before long, @jonnysun even heard from THE MONKEYS THEMSELVES.

Memes started popping up. OBVIOUSLY.

Even Donald Trump chimed in with his opinion. Because of course he did.

The war rages on, and the opinions seem pretty much split down the middle. One monkey vs. three.

Why do we get the feeling this doesn’t end until someone asks an actual monkey??