monkey cat

We’re going bananas over a new video posted to YouTube of a cat dressed as a monkey. Who knew a cat in a monkey costume could be so thoroughly adorable?! How have we been living without this magnificence for so long?

Props to whoever chose the fuzzy costume because it’s a perfect match to the kitty’s real fur. We had to do a double take at first. So did the cat in the frame below:


We know, spying kitty. We know. It’s confusing. Just go with, because it’s also oddly fascinating. Particularly when monkey cat starts licking the banana.

According to The Mirror, the adorbs video was put together to celebrate the 2016 Year of the Monkey in the Chinese Zodiac. (Even though the vid was shot in Japan and the Year of the Monkey doesn’t technically start until February, but okay.) Chinese astrology says that those born under the monkey sign are cheerful, fun and energetic. Um, we’re thinking the cat in this video probably isn’t a true monkey. Kitty looks a little less than thrilled. But still SO adorable.

(Image and video via YouTube.)