Jenipher Lyn
August 03, 2015 1:33 pm

Working from home sounds like the most romantic idea when you’re stuck at a day job you hate… (or even while working a job you love!) and parts of it really are amazing. Realistically though, it could also be a really lonely situation. Some days you might be too busy to even leave your house. Or you might be saving money and leaving the house isn’t an option. All this shut-in time can equal not seeing a human face in days, which can equal temporary insanity, and that’s not good. So for all my fellow WFH-ers, below are some of the things that have kept me from going stir-crazy while I toil away from my couch.

  • Figure out what calms you, and make time for it

Is it giving yourself time to walk around the neighborhood? Tea time? Quiet breaks? Watching a TV show? Reading part of a book? Giving yourself ‘reward’ breaks during the day will make a HUGE impact in your day to day work life.

  • Make an effort to reach out to friends.

This one is HUGE for me. Even if you like being alone, working from home ALL the time is pretty lonely. You *might* even start talking to your TV. (That’s another story though!) Take time everyday if you can to reach out to a friend (or three!). Make plans and/or frequently Skype with people you adore. Do anything in your power to make sure that the ONLY conversation you have in a day isn’t with your cat!

  • Tea time always helps!

Coffee or lemonade are good substitutes. A nice warm beverage has never failed to calm me if only for a moment or two—especially if you make a cup of something lovely while you work on a big or scary project.

  • Get out!!!

This is the hardest for me personally. If I don’t plan to leave somewhere in the morning and get ready before I start working, it’s almost impossible to get me out of the house. It’s difficult even if deep down I know leaving my house will get me out of a funk. Sometimes just FORCING yourself to get dressed and walking around the block or meandering through the grocery store is enough to fix your spirits. Scheduling some time to go outside or working a few hours at a coffee shop or park can help too.

  • Get organized

Investing in a day planner, where you schedule out your routine can give you some much-needed structure, and force you to mix-up your day so you have some balance. It can also be as simple as a pretty notebook and highlighters, (my favorite!) post-it’s, or digital stickies to help remind you what you need to do, when you need to do it.

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