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While you may order from Amazon frequently, you may not have ever considered working for the e-commerce Goliath. That could all change though, thanks to Amazon creating 5,000 jobs over the next year. What’s even better is that you wouldn’t have to relocate to work for Amazon, since these 5,000 jobs will be part-time, work-from-home positions. If you’re looking for a flexible career, then Amazon just may have you covered — like they always do.

In a press release from Amazon, the Vice President for Worldwide Customer Service, Tom Weiland, said:

Although Amazon’s headquarters are located in Seattle, that means you could work for them no matter where you live.

Does anyone else have Fifth Harmony’s “Work from Home” in their heads right now or is it just us?

Now, as for the work you would be doing, it would be in Amazon’s virtual customer service department. And based on additional comments by Weiland, it sounds like Amazon is working to support military spouses and people who have served in the military specifically.

This focus on veterans and military families is commendable. So if you know of anyone in a military family looking for a new job, refer them to Amazon’s career page — so they can start working from home for the company that always sends us goods to our homes.