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There’s a lot to be said for being in the right place at the right time. And lots of people have been studying where the “best places to be” are depending on your passions. For instance, if you’re really worried about the zombie apocalypse, you should definitely move to certain areas. But if you’re more concerned about getting a job (before that happens), there are other areas that are ideal for you.

But if you’re not concerned about either one because you’ve already prepared for the zombie apocalypse and know you can handle whatever’s coming at you or you work for yourself, a new study may be super helpful to you.

Researchers at Dell released a new study of the top places to live if you’re a female entrepreneur.

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The study looked closely at two major factors that businesswomen are affected by and separated each of those factors into smaller subgroups. The first factor was operating environment (basically what kind of resources does the city provide that will help you start maintain a smooth business once its started). Within operating costs, they analyzed access to capital, the available talent pool, and the scale of the market.

The second factor was the enabling environment (the type of culture a city provides in terms of networking and other opportunities that might help you keep your business afloat).

And they concluded to some pretty interesting results.

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New York City and San Francisco were the two locations at the top of the list.

Both cities were ranked extremely high in both the resources and the culture that would allow a business to thrive. After San Francisco, the next best place for a businesswoman is Munich (so brush up on your German). There are some extremely culturally rich cities you may have never expected that were also honorable mentions in the study as well including Sydney, Seattle, and Toronto.

So if you’re not super happy where you are and are thinking of getting some wanderlust out of your system while starting a new business, just remember these cities are excellent options.