Kenya Foy
November 29, 2016 7:46 am
Vitaly Taranov/Unsplash

Unfortunately, this wonderful time of year brings out the Scrooge in some of us, but if you’re in need of a way to piss off your inner grump, Delish hipped us to this tearjerker of a tale about a waiter who received an unbelievable tip that has us drowning in a sea of holiday tears.

According the Houston Chronicle, a man named Ben Millar recently experienced one of the perks of being a waiter when he unexpectedly received a $750 tip from a patron he served Saturday night. Afterwards, Millar’s expectant girlfriend Taryn Keith shared the experience along with a photo of the receipt on her Facebook page, convincing us that humanity may not be doomed after all.

“We haven’t looked up tickets yet, but when he flew down here awhile ago, it was around $800 to $900, I think,” Keith told the site. “Just for one ticket, so the generous tip will go to one ticket then we just have to save up for the other because babies fly free.”

Take that, Scrooge. We’re officially feelin’ the holiday spirit.