Winona Dimeo-Ediger
July 14, 2016 8:20 am
Getty Images

We’ve always known Tyra Banks is a badass businesswoman, from the way she steered her modeling career to huge success, then leveraged her personal brand into TV shows, giving countless contestants and talk show guests inspiring—and sometimes harsh—pep talks about taking their careers seriously.

She’s a supermodel, she’s a talk show host, she’s an entrepreneur, she’s a mentor.

And now Miss Tyra Banks is combining all those fierce talents into a new show that focuses on start-ups and entrepreneurs. The show is tentatively titled Funded, and will co-star Rob Dyrdek of Rob and Big and Rohan Oza, who is being billed as a “brand expert,” alongside Tyra.

The gist of the show? Start-ups on the brink of making it big will receive mentoring from the three hosts, then pitch their ideas to investors for the chance to get a million dollar investment from a venture capitalist.  In other words? It’s basically a show dedicated to Tyra’s fierce brand of mentoring—with a $1 million prize at the end.

Here’s the statement Tyra released about her new project:

Let’s just hope Tyra has a few high-octane smackdowns up her sleeves for when the business deals go sour. Oh, and by the way, BE QUIET, TIFFANY!

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