Trilby Beresford
Updated Dec 06, 2016 @ 1:44 pm
Credit: Instagram

We all need some kind of handbag in our professional and personal lives, but sometimes there just aren’t that many options that really check all the boxes (the right size, practical, enough pockets, sophisticated but also fun… ). Right?!

Well, say hello to this new luxury handbag line serving the needs of working women!

The bags comes from the label Senreve, and the concept is driven by co-founder Coral Chung’s desire to create a “dream bag” for her and her busy friends, many of whom are moms and professional working women.

And that’s exactly what these bags are! A little bit of everything. Fun, yet practical. They look extremely appropriate for work while still looking incredibly cute. Here’s the ‘Doctor’ style bag:

And they come equiped with pen holders, compartments, and space for most laptops!

So here’s the thing…because they’re a luxury line, they retail for $895, which is obviously more than most people can spend on a bag.

BUT, the good news is that someone has taken note of the fact that traditional handbags aren’t meeting the needs of so many women today. And hopefully more affordable brands will start taking note and mimic this trend (hint hint).

Because they are really good looking and this is a very helpful concept for so many women. Check out the ‘Maestra’ bag:

Loving these bags so much. Major props to Chung and her team for filling this gap! Oh hey look, it’s almost Christmas…

H/T: Motto