As an individual, I would say I am fairly ambitious. When younger, I always wanted to be a writer of some sorts and I know I always will continue to do so up until the ages of old age pensioner, when I start to lose touch with the super modern and sci-fi versions of Microsoft Word. I want to travel the world and write about my own experiences whilst on the way meeting interesting people and writing about their experiences. And of course, it’s great to be ambitious, but what if you’re secretly kind of super lazy too?

I just really love my sleep. If there were ever an award for the sleepiest girl on the planet, I would sweep the board and win it hands down. Ever need me? You will undoubtedly find me tucked up underneath my blanket having a little cat-nap. Just last week, I cancelled my gym membership, since I am pretty certain I haven’t stepped on the treadmill since the beginning of 2015 and to even further highlight my devotion to laziness I am currently sat in bed writing this, drowning in a sea of decorative cushions. Basically, to summarize, I am lazy as.

Don’t get me wrong, I do obviously want my very own lavishly decorated house at some point, but it isn’t that I wish to make millions from my future career choice. Money doesn’t necessarily drive me to try and succeed, it is instead more so the recognition associated with being somebody who can offer genuine advice through expression of writing. When you’re not pushed by the idea of having as many 50-dollar bills as 50 Cent, sometimes it becomes very easy to fall into that old rigmarole of ‘Well I’ll just do it later, it’ll be cool.’ In my world, everything can ‘just be finished tomorrow’.

But underneath my refusal to unglue myself from my mattress pre midday, there is still my pretty mega ambitions of becoming a (fairly) successful journalist / writer. How can it be possible for me to simultaneously occupy the role of the laziest 21-year-old to exist, while also pursuing my life-long dreams?

Some days I will be a crazy workaholic-type figure, whilst on other occasions, taking off my mascara becomes like the biggest effort of my entire life. Fellow super-ambitious, yet super-lazy people will hopefully relate with me here when I say, some days I will be super inspired to spend an entire day having the most dedicated work-ethic that anybody has ever seen, productivity beaming off me like a light: job applications and emails until my inbox spontaneously combusts. However can I remove my makeup and stretch over to the plug-socket to charge my phone at the end of the day? Oh hell no, that’s far too much effort.

I additionally also have fantastic envisions of traveling the world, hanging out with women in India whilst spending time discovering their truest loves and their most frightful fears. This of course requires much organization and some basic knowledge of how to use a map correctly. There is no use of me having all these goals, if I simply refuse to ever act upon them. Basically I am the queen of VERY big dreams with absolutely zero motivation.

I sometimes even procrastinate from the things I actually want to do (to provide an example: this article). I want to write obviously, but finding it within me to wake up in the morning (okay at lunchtime) and do something productive is really damn hard. All I truly want is a Netflix binge fest, whilst eating cheese for the thousands.

Since laziness isn’t a personality trait, just a habit that I slowly adjusted to after 7 teenage years spent mostly in bed, questioning the meaning of my future existence on this earth, to avoid more laziness I need to attempt to better visualize productiveness. I need to acknowledge how terrifically proud I tend to feel when I do finally get around to completing what it is that I wish to do and remember that at the end of the day, nobody is going to write or buy my round the world plane-ticket for me. Let’s do this thing!