This SpaceX exec just quit his job to focus on social activism after the election, and we applaud him

People are still reeling from last week’s election results, in which Donald Trump became the next President of the United States. All the complicated feelings aside, many people are turning to action in order to channel some of that anger and fear regarding what a Trump presidency will mean for the rights of many marginalized citizens.

And an impending Trump presidency was enough for Dex Torricke-Barton, the communications director for SpaceX, to decide to quit his role to focus on social activism -- and we deeply admire and are grateful for his decision.

In a blog post, Torricke-Barton addresses the changes and his passionate feelings on why now is the moment to strike with social activism. And just like so many others, Torricke-Barton’s turn to grassroots organizing, protest, and social justice activism is a necessary way of combating the dangerous changes that could happen with the new presidency come January.

In the blog post itself, he writes:

“As an immigrant and the son of a refugee, and as someone dedicated to advancing the interests of humanity, I don’t want to watch while the world slips backwards. So I’m choosing to go and make whatever contribution I can ― no matter how small ― toward making the change we need: standing up for openness, compassion and sound global leadership.

In response, he has created a brand new initiative called Onwards. And while not all of us are able to quit our jobs, like Torricke-Barton, it's necessary for as many of us as possible to stand up against injustice.

Are you ready?

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