HelloGiggles Team
February 25, 2016 4:56 pm

Jennifer Romolini is, without a doubt, one of the best humans on the planet. Of course, we might be a little biased since she also happens to have been HelloGiggles’ Editor-in-Chief since 2014. After two glorious years at the helm of this site that we love so very much, and countless hours spent making it one of the happiest (and best) places on the Internet, Jenn is moving on and starting her next chapter. We’ll miss her every single day, but we wanted to take today to celebrate all the reasons we love her most.

She literally changes lives.

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She’s an amazing advocate for women in the workplace and will change the world for women with her forthcoming book.

Her snapchats give us LYFE.

Jennifer Romolini / Snapchat

Her caftan game is so on point.

When it comes to lipstick, she should be named poet laureate based on this alone.

  She is an inspiring human being AND she also has amazing style!

She is as fabulous as her incredible, rock star coats.

She’s the definition of a mentor and the world’s best boss.

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She is so friendly and welcoming.

She is so friendly and welcoming.
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She’s an awesome woman to look up to!

Aside from being an awesome boss lady herself, Jenn is raising a little human boss lady #lifegoals

Aside from being an awesome boss lady herself, Jenn is raising a little human boss lady #lifegoals

She has the best advice. 

“When I first met Jenn, she was sitting in the best office I’ve ever seen in my entire life—and if I wasn’t already starstruck, she proceeded to tell me that it was okay to not know what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and instead encouraged me to just seek out opportunities to be creative. Best job interview, ever.”

She’s a total lifeline. 

“When I was stuck in a job that was both sucking up my time and paying me late, I reached out to a woman I knew in only the most fragmented of ways and asked for what was, in my eyes, a lifeline. She cast it out, and over time she has become one of the brightest, smartest, and frankest guiding voices in my life. I am not exaggerating when I say that I would be a much unhappier and less sure person without her support and savvy in my life. She has been an advocate for me and the other writers at this company; I am sad to see her go, but I am even happier that we all had and will have her presence in our lives. See ya on the flip side, Jenn.”


She makes the people around her better. 

“Jenn always believed in me, in all of us, and that’s what made her a compassionate, great editor, manager, and human to work for. She always pushed us to go beyond our comfort zone because she could sense our potential like a laser (no, really), and seemed to know us better than we knew ourselves. Jenn also taught me, personally, to be tight with language. To be brave with my ideas. To be more thoughtful. Jenn will always, always inspire me.”

She’s supportive and positive. 

“Jenn has constantly challenged us to find better ways into a story, to remember the HG way—no snark, no negativity. She is nothing but supportive of the entire editorial team, and has always encouraged us to pursue our weirdest and wackiest story ideas. I’m forever grateful for her editorial vision: She made HelloGiggles the smart and brilliant site it is today.”

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She’s a fairy godmother, basically.  “Jenn is a real-life fairy godmother. She is in the business of encouraging and inspiring, of bringing out the best in people, of making dreams come true. Jenn teaches by example, she is open and kind and brilliant and brave and she inspires everyone around her to be their smartest, kindest, best selves. We will miss her too much at HG HQ and are on pins and needles to read her amazing, amazing, amazing forthcoming book.”