Emily Baines
July 20, 2016 11:56 am

“Bury yourself in your work” is a common suggestion for those of us who fight depression. But a new study by scientists and economists at Purdue University and the University of Copenhagen suggests that the opposite is the case.

According to them, work hard, play hard, is an impossible oxymoron.

The study, which looked at the health of Danish manufacturing workers between 1996 and 2006, found that:

Women at companies that experienced an export boom were significantly more likely to be treated afterwards for severe depression, or take medication to protect against heart attacks or strokes.


Yikes. The rate of serious work injuries also increased among both men and women.

They also found that workers took fewer sick days when the company first got busy, but when things became extremely busy, they suddenly started taking more.

Companies experiencing one of the top 25% biggest booms had 14% more sick days among men, and 24% among women. All this goes to show that people get worn out more quickly the harder they work.

Meanwhile, an Australian study in February found that working more than 25 hours a week may even lower the IQ of people over 40. So overworking not only wears you out emotionally, it can literally make you dumber.

All this goes to show that you shouldn’t feel bad about taking mini-breaks at work and, you know, taking time to peruse your friends’ Facebook posts or read some sweet social media. Or you could always pull a Jim Halpert and do some good ol’ fashion office pranks:

Take care of yourself, ladies. All the money in the world can’t buy back your health.