What’s one piece of furniture that you wish you could have, like, today? Put this nap desk at the top of your list. The nap desk is the perfect office installation to help you streamline your work routine.

Imagine taking a quick snooze when the stress of trying to meet deadlines is coupled with eating carb-heavy lunches or simply fighting mid-day drowsiness. Rather than frequent stress-eating, what about incorporating more nap-friendly furniture into the office? That may certainly be the way to go for some people.

But the challenge really came from making furniture that is stylish and practical. But by combining lacquered wood, metal, and white leather, we’re sure it fits the bill.

Though the prototype isn’t available for purchase just yet, it’s definitely meeting all of our expectations. We can’t imagine anything better than a desk that’s great for work and napping. Are you ready to place your order?