Like everyone’s favorite lasagna-loving cat, I am not the biggest fan of Mondays. I’m not sure if it’s the realization that my weekend is over or what, but Sunday nights are hard. So I started a personal “make Mondays better” project. Here are all the ways I figure out that make the beginning of the week less difficult.

Make a really good lunch

Take the time to plan out a good Monday lunch. Whatever you think is going to keep you going for the morning stretch, whether that’s a super-healthy salad to alleviate any weekend pizza guilt, or a chocolate treat to reward yourself for getting half way through the day. Prepare it on Sunday night so you have something to look forward to, or think about your lunch options early in the day.

Make a nice Monday night plan

Mondays seem less endless when you have a fun plan later that night. Meet a friend for a drink or a movie, or just have a plan for a nice dinner to unwind. Focus on the fun ahead!

Wear something that makes you feel awesome

Whether it’s a favorite pair of underwear, a big spangly necklace, a comfortable hoodie, or a power suit, feeling awesome about what you’re wearing is key. Just put on your “Come at me Monday” attire.

Listen to pick-me-up music

No one can feel too sad when getting ready to “I’m Walking on Sunshine.” Convince your brain that Monday is one big party with a playlist full of high energy songs.

Do something active

Whether it’s yoga on your balcony or a full-on gym sesh, you’ll feel so much better for doing it, physically and mentally. Think of the endorphins! Even just a long walk can rev up your brain and help you face the week.

Spruce up your bedroom

Remake your bed with fresh bedding (mmm!) before you go to work in the morning and set up some comfy PJs. It’s a built in treat for when you get home.

Write a little note

Swap a little handwritten note with your significant other or bestie for you both to open at work when things are getting a bit too Monday for your liking. The excitement and words of encouragement will help you both and remind you to keep plodding on.

Do something nice

Whether it’s letting someone cut in front of you in the coffee queue, or lending a friend your favorite book, you’ll be floating on a cloud of good karma for the rest of the day.

If all else fails, don’t worry, it’s Tuesday tomorrow, and that means only four sleeps until the weekend.

Codie is a writer, vlogger & superhero enthusiast based in Liverpool. Follow her @Codiekinz & read more ramblings over on

[Image courtesy Jim Davis/Garfield and Friends]