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April 05, 2016 1:54 pm

In this week’s Working Girl Diaries, meet Marianna Hewitt of Life With Me. She’s a full-time beauty/fashion/style/lifestyle blogger based out of LA but her job takes her all over the world. This is four days in the life of a lifestyle blogger.

Day 1

6:00am: Wake up a little jet lagged because I just got back from a 30-hour flight from South Africa.

7:15am: Head to Studio City before traffic gets awful to record a voice over for a Colgate commercial that’s airing right now on Bravo, E!, and during Scandal. Basically, all of my faves.

7:17am: Stop to get a smoothie first at Earth Bar, because #la.

9:15am: Finish the voice over and head to Drybar for a much-needed blowout before today’s shoot. While getting a blowout, I post a hair tutorial to my blog and Snapchat to tell my readers about the new post.

10:00am: Pick up a salad and eat quickly.

12:00pm: Head to Smashbox studios in Culver City to shoot makeup tutorials for Air Optix. The makeup artist today is @allanface. He does Gigi Hadid, Chrissy Teigen and all the pretty people, basically.

Marianna Hewitt

2:51pm: Just got done shooting with Allan, now I’m checking my emails on set before the rest of the shoot.  I have a project I’m working on with Marie Claire and Clarins, but I need my files from my desktop at home #fail.

4:09pm: I’m still at the Air Optix shoot. Just shot images with the models they have on set. I had to stand on an apple box to be their height, haha. While I work as a social media influencer with brands, there are also real models at these shoots, so I usually feel short around them. 🙁

Marianna Hewitt

4:11pm: Pizza just arrived but the models aren’t eating it, so I’ll try to resist.

4:23pm: There’s a Taylor Swift parking sign outside so I keep pretending to go outside to make a call and maybe I’ll run into her!

4:51pm: In the car finally done with today’s shoot. Need to eat lunch I’m starrrrving.

4:54pm: Finishing up my last picture for an Instagram takeover I did for LiketoKNOW.it. I shared some pictures from my safari on their Instagram. They have 1.7 million followers so I gained some new people today. I’m always checking Iconosquare to see my social growth.

Marianna Hewitt

5:30pm: I go home and finish some more work. Shake Shack just opened in West Hollywood, but I am too lazy to wait in line so I Postmate two shack burgers protein style, watch Scandal and finish up work.


Day 2

4:07am: Not sure if this is my jet lag from South Africa but I’m wide awake, so I’m checking emails because I have nothing else to do.

6:30: I ran out of Nespresso pods so had to run to Starbucks before the sun came up to get some coffee.

7:00: My management and the girls who handle the business side of my blog are all in New York. They’re doing a lot for me this week, so I’m sending some bagels to their office. Everyone loves carbs.

7:58am: Late to set was supposed to leave at 7:30am but couldn’t find my contacts.

8:04am: Sitting in traffic …

9:03am: Day two of my shoot with Air Optix is starting. Today I’m wearing blue contacts! I’m now a blonde Asian with blue eyes.

Marianna Hewitt

1:36am: I’ve been shooting and Snapchatting all day that I forgot to update this! Currently listening to Destiny’s Child “Say My Name” and still have two or three more tutorials to shoot! Jet lag is hitting me hard. Have had so much coffee and nothing is helping.

3:31pm: Done with the shoot! They gave me flowers to take home. Jet lag is still pretty terrible right now.

3:57pm: Jet-lag is too real, gonna call it a day and watch The People VS O.J. Simpson. 

Day 3

8:00am: It’s already 11am in NYC so my management is waiting to hear from me. We usually check in with each other as soon as I wake up to see if there’s anything urgent to work on for the day or what projects we need to discuss as far as brand collaborations.

8:56am: My cleaning lady just got here so while they do their thing I’m going to meet with my BFF-sistant (my best friend who also happens to work for me) to take some blog pictures of this Balmain blazer I got from Luisa Via Roma.

9:03am: I usually know where I want to shoot outfit pictures because I only shoot in natural light. So depending on the sun I have to adjust my plans a bit. We look around for a good spot to shoot.

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9:51am: Just found out my Colgate commercial that’s airing right now will also be international! It’ll air in Australia and New Zealand!

11:15am: Just published the blog post I shot this morning and now going back and forth about some contracts with my management in NYC. I haven’t eaten yet today and I’m so hungry, but I’m having lunch in an hour, I’ll try to hold off.

1:00pm: Finished lunch at Zinque in West Hollywood, heading to pick up my blogger Mail, which is stuff companies send me to try out. It’s insane how much stuff people send me.

1:36pm: A few minutes early for a much-needed facial. I’ve been going to Shandi Darden for almost two years and she has changed my skin so now I can’t live without her. Her Retinol Reform cream is a favorite of Jess Alba, Chrissy Teigen, and Rosie Huntington-Whitley.

3:23pm: Late for my Pilates session! My trainer is gonna kill me.

4:37pm: Okay, Pilates is done, I try and work out when I’m in LA because it’s really hard for me when I travel. Getting in a little cardio, then should be done for the day.

Day 4

8:30am: Today is somewhat of a personal day. I’m waiting on a package to arrive so I can shoot the product for a blog post that’s due next week. No word on the box, so I’ll go about my day.

8:58am: I want to get an acai bowl & Alfred’s iced coffee for breakfast, but I’m laying in bed still answering emails.

11:28am: Just finished spin class at Cycle House. I take Nichelle’s class, she’s incredible. She even had a show on E!

11:29am: I’m going to Pilates at noon, so it’s that awkward amount of time between things. Yes, I’m working out twice in one day. I’m actually filming a vlog of my workouts for my YouTube channel so I have my little camera with me.

2:00pm: Getting an afternoon blowout before tonight’s plans.

5:30pm: Meeting my friend Jen Atkin at The Grove, which is this giant outdoor shopping center in LA. Her new line of hair products, Ouai (pronounced “Way”) are now available at Sephora, so we’re going to see her stuff in stores then have dinner. Jen is the go-to hair stylist for the Kardashians.

Marianna Hewitt

6:00pm: Got to The Grove late, LA traffic is the worst. Met up with Jen and some of her friends at Sephora.

7:00pm: After stopping at Sephora we all went out to dinner! It was a great end to the day to be with so many incredible women.

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