Erika W. Smith
September 03, 2016 10:11 am
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Remember that viral LinkedIn article about how you should take off your engagement ring for a job interview if you want to get hired? Well, that’s not the only piece of sexist job advice going around recently — but the problem is, this piece of advice has some real data behind it.

As spotted by Brit + Co, a study called “Gender and the Returns to Attractiveness” was recently conducted by sociologists Jaclyn Wong and Andrew Penner. They undertook the study to discover whether how much makeup a woman wears is related to how much money she makes — and found that it definitely is.

Wong and Penner interviewed over 14,000 people and found that a woman’s perceived attractiveness was based on “grooming” (whether she wears makeup, if she’s had her hair done, etc.) almost 100% of the time — and for men, it was only about 50% of the time. They also found that attractive people of any gender earn about 20% more than average-looking people, and that women who wear makeup earn about $4,000 more than women who don’t.

The results are clear — wearing makeup could help you get a raise. And, tbh, this makes us kinda angry.

Women’s salaries should be judged by how well they perform their job — not how they look while doing their job. And while makeup can be a fun way to express yourself or make yourself feel good, it’s a totally valid choice not to wear it, and women who choose not to wear makeup shouldn’t be punished. But we see that even famous celebrities who go without makeup — like Alicia Keys — face major pushback from society. And for the non-celebs among us, that pushback could mean not getting a raise — or a job — you deserve.

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We’re dreaming of a day when women’s job performances are judged by their capabilities, not their lipstick!