Credit: Pexels

Every job comes with a certain amount of stress. It’s why they call it work. But not all jobs are created equal in the anxiety department.

CareerCast recently ran a report about the least stressful jobs of 2017, taking into account common criteria to weigh the stress probabilities.

You know, like travel, potential hazards encountered on the job, physical demands, deadlines, working in the public eye, risk of injury or death, environmental conditions, and more.

Some of the jobs that scored as the least stressful were Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, Hair Stylist, Operations Research Analyst, University Professor, Jeweler, Pharmacy Technician, Medical Records Technician, and Audiologist.

But having said this, if you don’t have one of those jobs on the least stressful list, it’s okay!

Whether your job is highly stressful or not, every profession offers something different, and everyone values different things in their working lives. For instance, you might like to travel a lot and be constantly occupied with a new task, or you might thrive in a collaborative and fast-paced environment, or you might prefer working alone in a studio or medical office, or…you get the idea.

And as Kristina Libby, a PR executive and an adjunct professor at the University of Florida, said in a piece for CareerCast, “stress comes from the pressure one puts on oneself.” Meaning that, for better or worse, the way we perceive and cope with stress can have as much to do with us as it does the actual job at hand.

It’s also important to recognize that stress and job importance aren’t necessarily correlated. For example, university professors are incredibly important — and they also rank on the list of least stressful jobs!

So before you use this list to utterly and completely change the path you’re on (because sometimes we’re tempted to do things like that too), take a deep breath and think about what you value in a job. Who knows, you might love your fast-paced, always-in-motion job more than you think!