2017 Forbes Women's Summit
Credit: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Scandal actress Kerry Washington just spoke out about empowering women financially. Needless to say, we’re standing up and cheering with her!On Tuesday, Washington spoke on a panel at the Forbes Women’s Summit. While this might seem a little random, it actually makes total sense.

Kerry Washington is an ambassador for for the AllState Purple Purse campaign. The Purple Purse campaign works to fight financial abuse. Washington was joined by author Janet Mock, Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, and journalist Tamron Hall.

Later Washington met Refinery 29for an interview to expand on her message.

According to the Purple Purse campaign, financial abuse occurs in 99% of abusive relationships. This unfortunately makes a lot of sense. Controlling someone’s access to money makes leaving insanely difficult.

Washington encouraged women to become educated and to offer support in the face of this horrifyingly common problem.

Washington goes on to talk about how important financial literacy is for women. While society doesn’t always encourage women to be financially literate, it is essential. Here is how Washington describes it:

We think it’s so awesome that Washington is speaking out about financial abuse. It’s so cool that is she lending her voice to an incredibly important topic. On top of that, she’s giving supporters concrete steps to take to help. We appreciate her and all her amazing work. We can’t wait to see what else she will go on to fight for!

Learn more about financial abuse and the ways it can harm victims at and at the PurplePurse website.